About Free Our Girls

Who We Are & What We Do

Who We Are


Free Our Girls seeks to meet the needs that exist within a specific community. We are at the service of our community; providing much-needed training and prevention programs, making progress in the legal and congressional arenas, and providing the networking and resources for those affected by sex trafficking. Free Our Girls was created and designed by a sex trafficking survivor, who offers her in-depth knowledge of these horrific activities in an effort to empower communities to fight this issue effectively. We work to partner proactively with groups and members within our community in an effort to keep our community the strong, flourishing place that it is.

What We Do

Free Our Girls provides a variety of unique, hands-on training, awareness and prevention programs available to individuals, businesses and community groups, designed to engage the learners and give them an active role in preventing and responding to the damaging social epidemic that is sex trafficking. We are the only organization in the state of Colorado, and only one of a few in the nation that provide an exclusive training certification to the individuals and groups who complete our Human Trafficking Training, Awareness & Prevention course. With the funding generated through our training programs, in addition to donations made by our supporters, we are able to provide much-needed rehabilitation, counseling, and housing to sex trafficking victims.