According to The Fight Against Domestic Sex Trafficking: GAP ANALYSIS released in 2017, intervention work is at this time primarily conducted by law enforcement agencies and individuals prepared to perform highly technical extractions. However, based on Megan Lundstrom's cultic theory on pimp-controlled trafficking, much of the initial intervention needed to assist this specific population in their journey to freedom is psychological and relational. Additionally, the GAP ANALYSIS revealed that "among non-profits, the smallest percentage report intervention efforts," with most of these efforts being focused on assisting law enforcement on extractions and recoveries, not psychological or relational intervention.

In addition to the Care Package Outreach Program as a point of initial intervention, Free Our Girls seeks to connect women in "The Game" with our sister site, Getting Out The Game, which shares information around cultic theory as well as tangible steps for safety and exit. The website contains pieces of survivors' stories to personalize the information and give examples of real life experiences that illustrate the thought reform and mind control used by pimp-traffickers. This website is accessible to commercially sexually exploited and trafficked women across North America, and they are able to access this information as they are able to.

Finally, Free Our Girls has two trained co-facilitators of the psycho-educational intervention program, Ending the Game. Designed by a leading expert in cultic intervention, and survivors of "The Game," ETG is a coercion resiliency program that can be delivered one-on-one, or in support group 1- or 2-hour sessions over the course of 10 weeks. Ending the Game can help women in "The Game" recognize the patterns of abuse and psychological tactics their pimp-traffickers use to coerce them into a world of exploitation. For ETG intervention services for a client or at your facility, please contact us at