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Free Our Girls provides an interactive and intense 3-hour training session that covers the objectives outlined by the Department of Homeland Security:
  • Define Human Trafficking
  • Understand the Difference Between Smuggling, Trafficking, and Prostitution
  • Recognize Populations Vulnerable to Human Trafficking
  • Recognize Indicators of Human Trafficking
We are the only training program in Weld County, Colorado that provides a certification card to each trainee, verifying their completion of the course. In the near future, this type of training will be mandatory for service providers and industry sectors that have been identified as having high rates of contact with at-risk persons, potential victims, and their traffickers.

There is a minimal per-person fee for certification. The training also includes an individualized consultation time which takes a look specifically at how a group can best reach and respond to those affected by human trafficking. Trainings and the following consultation are guided by a trained professional and a survivor of human trafficking, both of whom offer unique perspectives on best practices and targeted ideas. After completing our certification course, groups and individuals will always have access to Free Our Girls' as a resource for additional information on human trafficking and developing your own prevention and response plan. We proudly display the business or group's logo on our website as a member of our community who is aware of the issue of human trafficking and who is taking an active role in preventing and responding to it.

Free Our Girls can empower your staff and educate your organization in a variety of ways. Whatever your role is within our community, you have the ability to prevent and respond to human trafficking. Discussion time, handouts, case studies, and real-life examples are included in all training programs. It is only when our community is aware of the complexities of human trafficking that we can then work together to respond to it and prevent it.

We hold training sessions available to the general public and small groups several times per month, and can also schedule a training at your location. For scheduling, pricing, and more information, please contact us at